Saturday, 22 February 2014

Hiking Story

Assalamualaikum wbt..


Hello guys,whats up? seems like I'm not posting here for a tremendously long time.So today I feel like want to post and sharing something with my readers.Actually do not know what to share at this time. Hmmm I think my hiking experience should be an interesting one to be shared here.Okay,actually it was  happened about three week back then,and I'm going there together with my classmate and some of other usimians. At those time we are going to clime the Berinchang mountain that was situated at Cameron Highland Pahang.Some of you maybe had been there and had hearing about this mountain. It is one of the famous mountain for the climber to be climbing or hiking there,other than mountain of Berembun. Even though it was my first time hiking,it is going smoothly and everything is fine and it was so fun!.In fact I cannot deny that is was a tiring hiking too. huhu.      

Here some of the picture of our journey there..

It is was terribly cold at those time when we are there.So it force me to not to take a bath even once at those time! mwahaha.How can to take a bath,it is even hard to me to take an ablution.huhu..At the night,we are all just stayed and sleep in the tend at the campsite and it in on the cement! can you all imagine how was my feeling at those time? It is force me to put in my feet into the bag and wear 3 layers of clothes! but it still hard for me to sleep well at those night,it terribly cold ! 

My Campus Life Begin.

Alhamdulillah..selamat tiba di bumi Nilai pagi tadi,maka secara rasminya bakal menempuhi semester 6.Begitu cepat masa berlalu rasa macam baru je menjejakkan kaki ke menara gading.No matter what,life must go on!.hoping and wishing for the best for the this becoming semester.

p/s: Baru post :p seminggu peram dalam draf..hehe