Monday, 18 March 2013

Thank You Everyone.


Assalamuaalaikum wbt..

Alhamdulillah.Alhamdulillah.Alhamdulillah.I'am now 21.Yesterday is my birthday date.17 March 2013.17 March 21 years ago,I was born to this beautiful world from a very wonderful women,awesome mother,so much special wife.Thank you ummi for bringing me to this beautiful world,thank you for being a part of me.U're the one who teach me about how the life is,Thanks for everything.A very special thanks also to abah,a great father for me,the one who is guide us to the right path.A good leader to our family,a good exemplary father to others  indeed.To my siblings,my sister and the only sister,my younger brothers and my younger sisters,do pray for me,please forgive me in everything bad that I has done.A branch of thanks also to my friends,thanks for being my friend,thanks for be with me in what situation we are.Thank you to everyone who has prayed on me,for my success,for my kindness,to be a good daughter,so on and so forth,I'm so much appreciate that.Nothing I can say than thank you for everything everyone!

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